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Informed: The value of listening

Gideon Spanier had an interesting piece in the Evening Standard yesterday about the growing importance of social media for marketers and the brands that employ them. I recommend you head on over to read the full article.

For me, the key takeaways were:


Informed: Luxury Daily's Luxury Marketing Outlook 2011

If you’re interested in marketing in the luxury industry then Luxury Daily is a must-read. They’ve just released their Luxury Marketing Outlook 2011 report and it’s full of interesting insights. What’s clear is that the future of luxury is digital. As editor Mickey Alam Khan says as he introduces the report: “savvy understanding of how the Internet and mobile influence all channels will make the difference between a successful luxury brand and one that sticks to an old formula for a different era.” I agree.

You can click here to download the report in its entirety but here are some highlights