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Incredible: The Bernie Ecclestone Hublot advert

InMarketing was always supposed to be my scrapbook, my repository of ideas and observations about all things marketing-related. I aimed to highlight examples of good marketing that I came across. Highlighting bad ones, I reasoned, would be all too easy and all too time-consuming to bother. But every now and again, something comes along that is so bad, so tasteless, so utterly ineffective that it deserves a mention. Last week, I chanced upon just such a thing: this genuinely incredible (and I mean that literally, not in praise) ad from Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot.

You’ll doubtless know the back story to this by now. F1 boss Ecclestone was mugged in London at the end of November. The thieves took jewellery and Ecclestone’s watch. They also beat him rather savagely. Despicable.