Invested: How is the FinTech 100 doing in social media?

American Banker released the list of top 100 FinTech companies last week and it makes for an interesting read. Head on over to AB’s site to view the full list.

As I perused the list, I couldn’t help wondering how different it would look if the companies were ranked by Twitter followers instead of revenue. I’m not suggesting that your number of followers is a direct indication of how well you are executing your social media strategy – far from it – but it is a nice simple way to gauge a firm’s reach. Is there a corrolation between size and following?

Well, a few clicks in Cognito’s Social Media Analytics later and we have our answer.

The first surprise was that not all of the 100 companies have a presence on Twitter. In fact, I found only about 70 of them actively using the service.

The second surprise was how different the top 20 looks if you replace revenue for Twitter followers.

According to American Banker, here are the top 20 FinTech companies by revenue:

  1. FIS: $4,426 million CY2010 financial services revenue
  2. Fiserv: 3,926
  3. Tata Consultancy Services Limited: 3,456
  4. SunGard: 3,102
  5. NCR: 2,651
  6. Diebold: 2,552
  7. Lender Processing Services: 2,334
  8. First Data: 2,281
  9. Nomura Research Institute: 2,181
  10. Infosys Limited: 2,031
  11. Wincor Nixdorf: 2,029
  12. Cognizant Technology Solutions: 1,945
  13. Total System Services (TSYS): 1,716
  14. CA Technologies: 1,634
  15. DST Systems: 1,201
  16. CoreLogic: 1,081
  17. SAS Institute: 1,021
  18. Jack Henry & Associates: 921
  19. Equifax: 744
  20. Oberthur Card Systems: 719

Now, shall we have a look at that list reordered by Twitter followers? It makes quite a difference:

  1. Infosys: 18,683 followers on Twitter (ranked #10 by revenue)
  2. Cognizant Technology Solutions: 8,520 (#12 by revenue)
  3. NCR: 4,108 (#5 by revenue)
  4. Experian: 3,964 (#24 by revenue)
  5. Itautec: 3,549 (#29 by revenue)
  6. CA Technologies: 3,315 (#14 by revenue)
  7. First Data: 3,096 (#8 by revenue)
  8. SunGard: 2,686 (#4 by revenue)
  9. Fiserv: 2,640 (#2 by revenue)
  10. Hexaware Technologies: 2,018 (#84 by revenue)
  11. Wolters Kluwer Financial Services: 1,821 (#48 by revenue)
  12. CPM Braxis: 1,765 (#39 by revenue)
  13. Pegasystems: 1,624 (#67 by revenue)
  14. L&T Infotech: 1,334 (#54 by revenue)
  15. Virtusa: 1,243 (#79 by revenue)
  16. Ingenico: 1,191 (#36 by revenue)
  17. Patni Computer Systems: 1,168 (#40 by revenue)
  18. Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS): 1,050 (#3 by revenue)
  19. CoreLogic: 796 (#16 by revenue)
  20. iGATE Global Solutions: 759 (#66 by revenue)

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that some of the firms in the top 20 by revenue are nowhere to been seen in the Twitter Top 20. Most notably: FIS, the number one firm by revenue, doesn’t have a Twitter presence at all.

Perhaps even more interesting are those firms that are very much punching above their weight on Twitter. Companies like iGATE Global Solutions, Patni Computer Systems, Virtuosa, L&T Infotech, Pegasystems and – most impressively – Hexaware Technologies (which appears at number 10 on our Twitter list, despite being only 84 on the list by revenue) – appear much lower down the Top 100 by revenue yet claim a place in the Top 20 by followers.

I’ve always thought that it was the smaller firms that stood to gain the most from social media. The reason for that is simple: social media is a great leveller. It doesn’t require a huge investment (it’s time rather than money you’ll need to devote to it) and the nature of the medium is such that good content, helpfulness and a willingness to engage are rewarded above all else. On social media, it’s not how loud you shout that counts but what you say. And you certainly don’t need to be big to be clever.


What's your take?

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