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Influential: How to convince your executive team to reconsider social media

I was asked recently by a client to “explain why social media is critical to marketing and PR – and indeed to the organization as a whole.” The person in question worked for an organisation in which YouTube, Twitter and Facebook were all banned and they were looking for a compelling argument to persuade their senior management team to reconsider.


Instructive: Twitter in WordPress posts

Since I was talking about using social media in financial services yesterday, I thought I’d just mention a new feature that WordPress has just introduced: the ability to integrate tweets directly into blog posts.

Dubbed Twitter Blackbird Pie. The new feature makes displaying tweets in all their glory as simple as pasting a link in your post.

With Blackbird Pie Twitter, hashtags link to search pages and usernames link to twitter profiles. An individual tweet, or pie, includes all the details, design, and information that a single tweet page would include.

As a blogger, Blackbird Pie offers a great way to engage Twitter on your site and bring discussion to your blog.

Involving: Social media in financial services

Delegates arriving at Sibos 2010 in Amsterdam

I got back from Sibos 2010 last week. For those of you who don’t know the event, it’s a financial services conference and exhibition that SWIFT runs on an annual basis. We’re proud to say that it continues to attract record numbers of people – nearly 9,000 last week in Amsterdam. The main reason – and we know this from our post-event surveys – that people come is “networking”. “Doing business” and “learning” come a close 2nd and 3rd but “networking” consistently tops the list.

So, given that so many people in financial services are willing to spend a week of their time – and a not inconsiderable sum on travel and attendance – each year to be part of the “networking” of Sibos, I was left wondering why the use of social media in financial services is still so relatively low?