Instructive: Twitter in WordPress posts

Since I was talking about using social media in financial services yesterday, I thought I’d just mention a new feature that WordPress has just introduced: the ability to integrate tweets directly into blog posts.

Dubbed Twitter Blackbird Pie. The new feature makes displaying tweets in all their glory as simple as pasting a link in your post.

With Blackbird Pie Twitter, hashtags link to search pages and usernames link to twitter profiles. An individual tweet, or pie, includes all the details, design, and information that a single tweet page would include.

As a blogger, Blackbird Pie offers a great way to engage Twitter on your site and bring discussion to your blog.

Apart from being a handy way of referencing content from Twitter in your blog posts, I think this integration illustrates a broader point about social media – and one that Tom made in the comments to my post yesterday: that increasingly, there really isn’t much disintction. Tweets and quoted directly in blog posts. And they both – as well as all other social media content – get indexed by Google. So, when people go looking for something on Google, they’re just as likely to find social media content than ‘traditonal’ web content.

Yet another reason for marketers to embrace it.

For full details, read the announcement from WordPress.


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