Inspiring: Doug Richard on why good marketing makes sales redundant

When I had a stab at defining marketing for the purpose of introducing this blog, I wrote about how good marketing “is about trying to make your sales force obsolete.”

Today I chanced upon a video of serial entrepreneur (and occasional resident of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den) Doug Richard presenting to his School for Startups about his take on the relationship between sales and marketing.

Guess what? We agree. (That’s a relief, I didn’t fancy contradicting one of the UK’s most high-profile and successful businessmen).

Video after the break.

After reminding us that sales is, of course, the underlying purpose that marketing serves and

sales is closing; marketing is opening,

Richard goes on to deliver his key message:

A great marketing campaign is defined by the irrelevance of the sales people who follow.

The best marketers in the world can justifiably say, ‘you didn’t need a sales force.’

I completely agree and isn’t that an inspiring thought for all of us marketers? It’s a succinct and motivating way to summarise the incredible value that good marketing brings to a business.

Richard finishes on a slightly lighter note, but we sense he’s only half-joking when he says:

Marketing is the central preoccupation of a business because it makes products great and it makes sales people honest.

You can view this video and many more at Richard’s excellent School for Startups site.


What's your take?

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