Involving: Ask your customers to tell their own stories like Ford

619000-miles-and-counting-on-a-f-2563When I started this blog, I wrote about how I think good marketing has to be interactive, how you have to get your customers to feel like they are involved in your brand. Well, that’s one of the things the marketers at Ford are doing very well with their The Ford Story site. In particular, they are giving their customers the opportunity to tell their stories.

The gentleman in the photo is Dick F. Now, Dick has covered 619,000 miles in his Ford Mustang and is still going strong. “I’ve owned my 1971 Ford Mustang since it was brand new. I now have 619,484 miles on the car. Every mile and every drop of fuel has been logged. Very close to original” he says “I’ve done all of the maintenance and repairs, including engine rebuilding. I think it might make it another 300,000 or 400,000 miles, which would make it 1,000,000 miles total. We’ve always been a Ford family, and I think Ford makes the best cars.”“I think Ford makes the best cars”! Did you hear that?

What a fantastic example of social media being used exactly as it should: to make people feel involved in the brand. Ford are putting their customers to work for them, pursuading others to join them. Forget user created content, this is user created advertising.

And the comments on the site tell you it’s working:

“respect, i am only 15 and would only hope of buying a car as beautiful as that soon”

“Thats why the Mustang is now and always will be considered a legend.”

You can’t buy advertising like that.


What's your take?

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